Max Mara to build new corporate hub at former exhibition centre in Reggio Emilia

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Max Mara to build new corporate The world-famous Italian fashion house Max Mara is preparing to launch a revolutionary urban revitalization initiative in Reggio Emilia, where it was founded. This ambitious proposal, which was just approved by the municipal officials on May 10, is a testament to our commitment to the community and its future. It can now be formally adopted by the local council, marking a significant step in our shared journey of progress.


At the heart of this initiative is the transformation of the 13-hectare site of the former exhibition center into a vibrant corporate hub. This site, once a bustling trade show venue, will now be revitalized to serve as a beacon of economic growth and opportunity for the local community, thanks to the vision and support of Max Mara.



Offices, creative studios, showrooms, and logistics warehouses will all be a part of the planned corporate hub that Max Mara hopes to construct to house more than 800 employees.


The anticipated €100 million investment demonstrates the group’s dedication to growth while strengthening its position in Reggio Emilia. The current Max Mara Campus is located in the northern section of town, close to one of Santiago Calatrava’s famous road bridges; its relocation will enhance it.


Max Mara plans to hold an international architectural competition to find the best design for the new facilities in mid-July. This meticulous planning and attention to detail is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our stakeholders can be confident that every aspect of this initiative is being carefully considered to bring our vision to life.


As part of their larger industrial reorganization, the Max Mara group has two important companies, Dedimax Srl and Max Mara Srl, that are responsible for developing their brands commercially and industrially.


At the Max Mara Campus, Max Mara Srl has been running for quite some time, supervising the group’s high-end labels. Dedimax Srl, on the other hand, is in charge of the modern section and runs operations out of multiple local sites; in order to support continued expansion, they need a centralised and well-equipped headquarters.


With its close proximity to the Max Mara Campus and its strategic location at the A1 motorway junction and the Reggio Emilia high-speed railway station, the new corporate hub is not just a physical structure, but a symbol of our vision and ambition. It is well-positioned to maximize logistical efficiency and connectivity, significantly boosting the group’s operational capabilities and inspiring us all about the exciting future ahead.

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