Lucibel develops two new light-driven beauty devices

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Lucibel develops two new light: Two new devices were recently unveiled by Lucibel, a French LED technology company renowned for its breakthrough regenerative skincare solutions.

At its most recent Innovation Day event, Lucibel displayed the cutting-edge anti-aging Ove Pro Cell Regen mask, which it co-developed with Dior. After three years of intense R&D, Lucibel developed the groundbreaking Ove Body Light by leveraging photobiomodulation technology, which stimulates skin cells with red light. This adaptable device can follow the body’s natural curves thanks to its variable wavelengths and power settings. In addition to minimizing the appearance of uneven skin texture, it also promotes cellular regeneration, which in turn prevents stretch marks and cellulite.


Lucibel CEO Frederic Granotier reaffirmed the firm’s conviction that light will play a critical role in the development of future cosmetics. “Our Ove Body Light stands as a testament to our success,” Granotier declared during a presentation at the Samaritaine luxury store on the Seine… We can dramatically improve skin tone by combining medical knowledge with light technology.

After only 28 days of application, a clinical investigation by the Gredeco laboratory confirmed Lucibel’s claims, showing a significant decrease of 13.6% in cellulite on the thighs and a reduction of 30.9% in dimple volume.

Lucibel also unveiled the Hair Ove Light, a solution specifically designed to address hair issues, alongside the Ove Body Light. Improved hair quality, growth, luster, and texture are all outcomes of this device’s use of site-specific mapping. The Hair Ove Light is another groundbreaking product from Lucibel, designed by the esteemed French designer Olivier Lapidus, who made waves in the ’90s with his unique use of luminescent fabrics.

A medical advisor to Lucibel and dermatologist with expertise in photobiomodulation, Michèle Pelletier, emphasized how the company’s progress in molecular biology has broadened the use of its photobiomodulation technology. Clinical trials verify the effectiveness of Lucibel’s novel protocols, showing significant anti-inflammatory effects and a dramatic decrease in free radicals and oxidative stress.

The result of the partnership with Dior is the cutting-edge mask Dior Skin Light, which can be purchased at the Parisian spa Dior Cheval Black as well as in several of Dior’s flagship locations in Geneva, London, Oslo, and Paris.

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