LN-CC reopens London store after four years

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LN-CC reopens London store: In the middle of the continuous changes happening in the UK’s luxury market, both online and off, there is some good news: a one-of-a-kind concept store that closed in March 2020 because of COVID is getting ready to open again.

Adapting to the drastically changing market scenario since its closure four years ago, the rebuilt LN-CC store, located on Shacklewell Lane in East London, is due to make its triumphant return on 23rd March with a fresh new appearance.

LN-CC reopens London store
Even though it closed its doors for good, LN-CC is still very much alive and well thanks to its online boutique, which stocks an eclectic array of designer labels. Its online channels will keep amplifying its creative initiatives to its dedicated worldwide public, especially the younger generation, while the revamped physical venue aspires to serve as a nexus of trendiness and creativity.


Store options will include music, home decor, and lifestyle items in addition to the label’s characteristic mix of high fashion, streetwear, new talent, and eco-friendly innovations. Gary Card, a renowned British set designer, has been leading the remodeling effort since 2010 with the goal of visually communicating LN-CC’s unique edit.

LN-CC reopens London store

New to LN-CC is L8TE, a room reserved for brand launches, key activations, and takeovers; this section replaces the club space that was previously featured. A new personal shopping service is available for individuals who prefer a more intimate and personalized shopping experience; however, the appointment-only idea is still essential. Walk-in consumers are also welcome.

In the past, LN-CC has encountered difficulties, such as a 2014 administration filing and subsequent leadership changes. But it has now recovered, thanks in large part to CEO Cristian Musardo, who has emphasised the label’s unique selling point—its curation of a mix of well-known and up-and-coming labels, thus connecting the high and low worlds of fashion.

LN-CC reopens London store

The store’s redesign by Gary Card draws inspiration from the original while also introducing new ideas about color, texture, and materials. With L8TE developing into a multipurpose venue suitable for a range of events, each room in the store symbolizes a distinct aspect of LN-CC’s offers.

With an emphasis on carefully chosen pieces, the product assortment continues LN-CC’s dedication to high-end streetwear and fashion. Featured prominently will be exclusive offers from new labels in addition to well-known brands like Bottega Veneta, Prada, Moncler, and others. For a more immersive shopping experience, Teenage Engineering has been chosen as the official sound partner of the store and will be creating a custom audio system.

Simply put, LN-CC’s reopening is more than simply a comeback; it’s a recommitment to providing a one-of-a-kind shopping experience and supporting creative storylines in the fashion industry.

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