Kendra Scott introduces its Lab Grown Diamond Collection

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Kendra Scott introduces its Lab Grown Diamond: On Monday, Kendra Scott unveiled their newest venture, the Lab Grown Diamond Collection.

The Lab Grown Diamond Collection, which is hand-crafted in Austin, Texas, is an example of Kendra Scott’s dedication to serving a wide range of customers with fashionable, reasonably priced jewelry.

With prices ranging from $500 to $2,950, the first collection unveils 19 models distributed among three suites. These accessories can be found at some Kendra Scott stores around the country and on

Kendra Scott, founder, executive chairwoman, and chief creative officer, was very enthusiastic about the launch. She said, “We’re thrilled to present our Lab Grown Collection, a natural expansion of our brand as we evolve into a lifestyle brand and offer our customers yet another compelling reason to choose us.”

We have paid attention to what our clients want throughout the years,” Scott said, underscoring the company’s commitment to customer happiness. Many have shown interest in buying exquisite jewelry from us because of our business philosophy, charitable work, and ambition to adapt to our clients’ changing preferences. Fine jewelry isn’t just for formal events; it’s an integral element of daily life as well. Customers who are used to our more affordable products should have the chance to add to their Kendra Scott collections, and we wanted to make sure they could.

Customers can save money on diamonds that are grown in a controlled laboratory setting, which allows for exact control over qualities including clarity, cut, and production. At least one stone in the collection has a color grade of H and a clarity grade of VS. Furthermore, the International Gemological Institute (IGI) certifies diamonds of the finest quality and longest life when they are half a carat or bigger.

“With our Lab Grown Collection, customers can invest in timeless pieces at more affordable price points,” Scott said, highlighting the accessibility of lab-grown diamond fine jewelry. We promise that every piece in the collection upholds the same degree of skill and workmanship that is characteristic of the Kendra Scott brand because our jewelry firm has an in-house design studio.

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