Harlem’s Fashion Row hosts 6th Annual Designer Retreat

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Harlem’s Fashion Row hosts:  Underrepresented designers have a key platform at Harlem’s Fashion Row’s 6th Annual Designer Retreat, where they may meet with industry experts and receive essential expertise. For instance, they could learn about sustainable fashion practices, digital marketing strategies, or even get personalized advice on their design portfolios. 

 The three-day event took place in the Big Apple and attracted about 75 designers from all over the United States. The retreat, sponsored by Nike and PVH Corp. (the parent company of Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger), gave participants the opportunity to meet with prominent figures in the fashion business and take part in behind-the-scenes tours of their headquarters, including visits to design studios, production facilities, and marketing departments.

 The retreat was graced by the presence of industry giants, with renowned designer Tommy Hilfiger delivering a keynote address that left a lasting impression. Other notable speakers, including Inga Beckham, co-founder of Sergio Hudson, and business strategists Ifiok and Monk Inyang, shared their invaluable wisdom and strategies for success in the fashion industry.

 One of the highlights of the retreat was the rare opportunity for attendees to step into the inner sanctums of renowned fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Macy’s, and PVH Corp. These exclusive tours provided a fascinating glimpse into the operations of some of the most influential companies in the industry.

 ‘This retreat is a testament to the power of inspiration and opportunity,’ expressed Brandice Daniels, CEO of Harlem’s Fashion Row. ‘We extend our deepest gratitude to our generous sponsors, PVH and Nike, and to the specialists who collaborated with us to bring this vision to life.

 Since its inception in 2007, Harlem’s Fashion Row has been a beacon of hope for up-and-coming designers from Black and Latinx communities, who often find themselves underrepresented in the industry. The Designer Retreat, a key event in the organization’s calendar, continues to make a significant impact by providing essential avenues for growth and exposure, thereby fostering diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry.

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