Gabriela Hearst debuts sustainable costumes for San Francisco Ballet’s ‘Carmen’

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Gabriela Hearst debuts sustainable costumes: Gabriela Hearst is taking a creative leap into stage design for the San Francisco Ballet’s ‘Carmen’ as part of Dos Mujeres, creating eco-friendly costumes.

Dos Mujeres is a group effort spearheaded by San Francisco Ballet director Tamara Rojo that aims to highlight female storytellers and the stories they convey through dance. Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s vivacious Broken Wings delves into Frida Kahlo’s life, while Arielle Smith’s modern Cuban Carmen is featured on the show.

The creative costume design by Gabriela Hearst is what sets this production apart. Hearst painstakingly made each costume for Carmen out of merino wool, which is known for its eco-friendly qualities, drawing inspiration from her Uruguayan background and her commitment to sustainability.

The dancers are decked out in sets of ribbed merino wool in brilliant shades of red, sunflower yellow, and black, while the iconic red dress of Carmen is reinvented in ribbed wool with fluted sleeves and an apron.

My lifelong goal has always been to create the costumes for a Latin American ballet. The clothing can be somewhat distracting at times when I watch ballet. Hearst was ecstatic when Arielle expressed her desire for the garments to have an authentic feel, but also including the hues that are associated with Latin culture, without being overly stereotypical.

Hearst also highlights the eco-friendliness of her designs by highlighting the use of merino wool, the most sustainable fabric currently available. Using merino wool is in line with her dedication to eco-friendly techniques, which she has demonstrated in past runway shows by utilizing deadstock materials and doing away with plastic.

Dos Mujeres is an ambitious effort to broaden the theatrical landscape of narrative, and Tamara Rojo is enthusiastic about it. She praised the show for celebrating Latina women. Celebrating San Francisco’s varied population and giving a platform to female choreographers who represent complicated heroines, Dos Mujeres features outstanding creative aspects and surprising casting decisions that challenge gender preconceptions.

Dos Mujeres, which premieres with a sensational cast that includes Wei Wang, Esteban Hernández, Jennifer Stahl, Jasmine Jimison, and Sasha de Sola as primary dancers, is sure to mesmerize viewers with its enthralling storyline and amazing performances. From now until April, theatergoers may experience a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of Latina culture and the empowering stories of women through live performance.

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