Copenhagen Fashion Week toughens up sustainability rules

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Copenhagen Fashion Week : Following the upcoming edition, Copenhagen Fashion Week intends to further tighten its regulations, ensuring that it maintains its position as the fashion industry’s most rigorous sustainability standards.

Additional conditions have been added for brands looking to participate in the exhibitions, and new minimum standards have also been imposed.

Intelligent material selection is a major focus of the revised standards. Nowadays, consumers want brands to prioritize items that can be repaired, recycled, and reused in accordance with the principles of circular design. Products also need to incorporate recycled materials throughout production. Additionally, brands should teach customers the importance of durability and set particular standards to guarantee product quality and lifespan.

Additionally, firms are expected to teach their customer service representatives, whether they work in-store or online, so they are knowledgeable about the brand’s sustainability approach.

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In many areas, like the organization of fashion shows, the new regulations place more emphasis on concrete actions than on empty promises. Props, packaging, and trash disposal are all part of this eco-friendly approach.

All participating brands must now have a sustainability plan that addresses social and environmental issues and has been officially authorized.

There has been a shift in focus toward bettering working conditions; now, businesses must follow a strict code of conduct and engage with their suppliers to make things better for their employees. Brands also have a need to provide a workplace free of discrimination and harassment for their own employees.

The elimination of virgin fur, skins, and feathers from collections is an important step toward ending animal cruelty.

The CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week, Cecilie Thorsmark, has stated that the event will maintain its dedication to setting new standards for sustainability. The revised standards incorporate industry developments, lessons learned, and forthcoming policy mandates from the European Union, in addition to the brands already on the timetable.

Copenhagen Fashion Week hopes to continue to be the gold standard for fashion weeks across the world by establishing ever stricter sustainability criteria.

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