Amiri opens second retail store in Dubai

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The announcement of the opening of Amiri’s second retail refuge in Dubai, in conjunction with regional partners the Soho Group, caused quite a stir. Amiri is a well-known luxury fashion brand.

The recently opened store, which takes up an astounding 3100 square feet within the illustrious Mall of Emirates, was painstakingly designed to capture the spirit and values that characterize Amiri. The store’s bespoke plaster façade has Amiri’s unique wave symbol, taking design cues from the brand’s well-known name. Carefully planned lighting patterns create a captivating ripple effect, drawing in pedestrians and inviting them into the stylish establishment.

Guests are met by an atmosphere that radiates the carefree sophistication that is characteristic of Californian design the moment they step inside. The interior design expertly incorporates a natural material palette, showcasing vivid onyx, flawless white oak, and opulent travertine. This palette has been hand-picked to create an inviting and textured environment that will take shopping to a whole new level.

Customers who are serious about fashion find a haven at the store, which is more than just a store. The lounge rooms offer a haven for discriminating consumers to lose themselves in the world of Amiri, with its sleek modernist furniture and sumptuous soft furnishings. The tranquil sky-blue rendition of the brand’s distinctive checkered rug brings a whimsical and charming touch to the room, harmonizing all of its aesthetic components.

As a tribute to Amiri’s dedication to artfully blending fashion with art, the walls are adorned with custom artworks by the outstanding Los Angeles-based artist Jason Revok, lending an air of artistic flair to the setting. Similar to the site-specific items shown in Amiri’s Rodeo Drive flagship store, these custom-made pieces honor the origins of the brand.

Amiri, the innovative fashion brand founded by Mike Amiri in 2014, entered the Middle Eastern retail market in December 2022 with the inauguration of its first flagship store at The Dubai Mall, where it received widespread praise from local fashionistas. Amiri has reached a turning point in its history with this latest endeavor, which confirms its dedication to expanding globally and establishes its position as a major player on the world stage.

Amiri is already a global force in the world of luxury fashion, with boutiques dotting the landscapes of fashion cities like Shanghai and Tokyo. Its entrance into Dubai further emphasizes this stature. Along with its current portfolio of U.S. sites, the brand’s influence is expanding, enthralling people all over the globe with its impeccable quality, meticulousness, and enduring charm.

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