Claudie Pierlot Introduces Second-Hand Fashion Line

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Claudie Pierlot Introduces: Claudie Pierlot, the renowned French affordable luxury brand under the SMCP group, has made its foray into the circular fashion market. With the recent launch of its ready-to-wear resale service, Claudie Pierlot aims to extend the lifespan of its chic womenswear wardrobe in an environmentally conscious manner.

The new circular fashion line, named Claudie Seconde Main (second hand), features a curated selection of pre-owned clothing items. Following in the footsteps of its sister brand Sandro, Claudie Pierlot joins the sustainable fashion movement, aligning with the growing awareness of the fashion industry’s environmental impact.


Claudie Pierlot Introduces Second-Hand Fashion Line

Launched on February 12th, the Claudie Seconde Main range already boasts around 300 products, including long patterned dresses, stylish cardigans, jackets, trousers, leather handbags, and small leather goods. These items are offered for sale by the label’s customers, providing an opportunity for both sellers and buyers to participate in the circular fashion economy.

Claudie Pierlot customers can contribute to the resale initiative by sending back items from previous collections to the label, free of charge. In return, they receive coupons valid for purchases on the Claudie Pierlot e-shop, which can be used to buy new or second-hand items. The pre-loved clothes and accessories undergo a meticulous reconditioning process, ensuring quality and reliability before being made available on the second-hand platform.

In a press release announcing the launch, Claudie Pierlot emphasized the importance of reinventing consumer habits to align with sustainable practices. The resale initiative, part of the label’s ‘Claudie Cares’ CSR strategy, reflects its commitment to responsible fashion.

This initiative was developed in collaboration with Faume, a Parisian start-up specializing in circularity initiatives for high-end and affordable luxury brands. Faume’s expertise in sustainable fashion has benefited other notable French labels, including Ba&sh, Dada Sport, and Flair.

By embracing circular fashion, Claudie Pierlot not only contributes to reducing waste but also offers customers a more sustainable and ethical shopping option. With its commitment to environmental responsibility, Claudie Pierlot sets an example for the fashion industry, showcasing the potential for innovation and sustainability in luxury fashion.

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