Celine riffs on founder and Twiggy in the L’Arc de Triomphe online show

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A week following the official conclusion of Paris Fashion Week, Celine debuted her most recent collection without a formal runway display, but with the essence of Twiggy and its founder, Céline Vipiana, throughout.


Hedi Slimane, the designer of Céline, unveiled the collection online at Celine.com, Instagram, and YouTube rather than on a runway. Before the action moved inside, there were pictures of the exterior of the well-known arc. Not within the arc, though, but into four completely separate structures. The two most well-known are the Musée Bourdelle, the atelier museum of early 20th-century artist Antoine Bourdelle, and the Salle Pleyel philharmonic performance hall, as knowledgeable Parisians would know.


a ton of stylish, cheery, and succinct 1960s clothing ideas. Several stylish monochromatic suits in shades of black, white, and chocolate, as well as wool and leather, with short bolero jackets and miniskirts with front pockets.

Céline AW24 – Céline

Skirts are always cut halfway up the thigh, with surgically cut tiny black dresses or silvery frocks with billowing, enormous, dramatic bows. Everything was extremely brief, even the black leather or houndstooth coats worn by party girls.


Founder Vipiana had the opportunity to appreciate the monument’s chain links in 1971 when her car broke down at the Arc de Tiomphe. She later incorporated these links into the Céline historic logo.


In 2018, Slimane—whom LVMH had chosen to lead Céline—updated the symbol with what he called the Triomphe, a variation of the C logo in reverse. It was featured in this virtual display on belt buckles, gold buttons, retro sunglasses, pillbox hats with peak, and an amazing new line of bags.


Overall, the impression was of extremely attractive air hostesses stepping out of a time capsule, with the majority of their ensembles centered around space age or military boots, standing in stark contrast to Bourdelle’s enormous, heroic size. The Salle Pleyel’s Art Deco mosaic floor complemented the graphic array of patent leather bags with gold chains draped over shoulders. A hint of William Klein’s iconic 1966 fashion film Qui êtes-vous Polly Maggoo?

Céline AW24 - Céline

Céline AW24 – Céline

The entire cast wore a Twiggy hairstyle, complete with white waterline, dark winged eyeliner, and mascara-clumped bottom lashes. It was almost as if Twiggy’s French granddaughters had turned into elegant, pearl-encrusted yé-yé singers. dressed in shimmering jade tank tops, golden shard skirts, or white cocktail dresses embroidered with flowers, all topped off with the signature accessory of the season: shearling imitation fur. Each off to see her sweetheart from Latina.


Prior to this couture-infused fashion film’s dramatic conclusion, sculpted bouffant silk gazar dresses embellished with crystals and strass were the main attraction.


The action shifts back to the Arc de Triomphe, one of the most recognizable structures in France, where the French President places a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier every year.


Hedi concluded by giving himself a makeover and placing the reverse C logo on the roof of the arc. While not very groundbreaking, this season’s clothing from any major French house is nonetheless the coolest.


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