Burberry Introduces New Logo

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Burberry is entering a new era (LSE:BRBY.L +0.21%). Since Riccardo Tisci was officially succeeded by Daniel Lee as creative director of the British company, he has worked to present Burberry in a more contemporary light. After four months in charge of the company, Lee will keep implementing creative plans to take Burberry to uncharted territory and confront its storied past.

In keeping with this, Burberry recently cleaned up its Instagram account, leaving us all unsure of what it might mean. The Titan launched its first campaign under the creative guidance of Daniel Lee this morning, along with a completely new logo design, marking a new beginning for the company.

The famous Burberry writing is introduced in the new logo in a thin, elegant style. While a white and deep blue artistic outline previews its traditional horse insignia.

Photo by Tyrone Lebon for Burberry

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