Bulgari’s Serpenti Shines at 75: Celebrating an Iconic Milestone”

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Bulgari, the esteemed luxury house, has long been synonymous with opulence and beauty. Its iconic Serpenti collection, with its distinctive serpent-inspired design, has become a symbol of Italian elegance. This timeless jewel, adorned with natural diamonds and unique craftsmanship, captures the hearts of jewelry lovers worldwide.

A Serpentine Journey Through History: From Timepiece to Jewel

Photo: Bulgari

The history of the Serpenti dates back to 1948 when it was conceived as a wrist-bound jewelry watch. Bulgari’s innovative “tubogas” technique allowed the Serpenti to coil with remarkable flexibility. In the 1960s, this exquisite serpent underwent a transformation, featuring articulated scales adorned with precious stones and vibrant enamels. This period also witnessed the birth of the secret watch, cleverly concealed beneath the serpent’s head.

Legends, Love, and the Serpent: A Historic Connection

Photo: Bulgari

The snake motif holds personal significance for Bulgari’s founder, Sotirio Bulgari, as it pays homage to her Greek heritage and Roman home. Snakes in high jewelry have a rich historical legacy, with legendary tales from various cultures. From Cleopatra’s golden asp to a serpent-inspired ring gifted to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert, this captivating motif has enchanted the world.

Bulgari’s Serpenti at 75: A Celebration of Timeless Elegance

In 2023, the iconic Serpenti collection celebrates its 75th anniversary. Over the years, it has evolved into a symbol of sophistication, featuring gemstones like emeralds, rubies, and natural diamonds. With a contemporary twist in the 21st century, Bulgari introduces the “Twist Your Time” collection, blending tradition and modernity. The Serpenti remains eternally chic, with Bulgari’s Serpenti 75 Years of Infinite Tales exhibition showcasing its magnificent journey through time.


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