Bulgari’s Serpenti: A Bridge Between Past and Future through Artistry in Milan’s Exhibition

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Bulgari’s iconic Serpenti collection, renowned for its coiled design, has been a symbol of the esteemed Roman jewelry house for 75 years. To celebrate this significant milestone, the Serpenti is embarking on a global tour. After captivating audiences in Shanghai and Seoul, the Serpenti Factory and the ’75 Years of Infinite Tales’ exhibition are now gracing Milan beneath the magnificent Arco della Pace in Sempione Park.

Serpenti: A Multifaceted Artistic Initiative

Photo: Fiorini

Photo: Fiorini

Bulgari’s approach to this milestone transcends the conventional retrospective. While the exhibition showcases exquisite archive pieces alongside the latest designs, Bulgari has taken a unique step by engaging six diverse artists to interpret the Serpenti theme across various mediums. Lucia Silvestri, Bulgari’s creative director, emphasizes the brand’s commitment to maintaining its DNA through creativity and innovation.

Artistic Expressions: A Fresh Perspective on Serpenti

Photo: Fiorini

The six selected artists each bring their distinctive interpretation to the Serpenti theme. Roman artist Quayola presents a robotic performance generating live sculptures through algorithmic variations. Israeli-American artist Daniel Rozin creates a responsive wall installation inspired by Serpenti’s golden scales. Catherine Mercier exhibits two cast bronze snakes, while Fabrizio ‘Bixio’ Braghieri crafts watercolors featuring the motif. Milanese sculptor Filippo Salerni wraps the Arco della Pace with a site-specific, snaking installation.

Sougwen Chung’s Immersive Exploration of Serpenti

Photo: Fiorini

Canadian artist Sougwen Chung takes a fascinating approach, blending AI, machine learning, and VR technology to craft a sculpture inspired by Serpenti’s coiled form. Using virtual reality and motion-capture technology, Chung creates an immersive experience where viewers feel as though they’ve entered a digital landscape. Chung’s artwork beautifully complements the array of Serpenti creations in the exhibition, offering a fresh and captivating perspective on this enduring symbol of Bulgari’s elegance.

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