Aubrey Swims, a new swimwear brand is promoting absolute femininity

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Aubrey Swims a new swimwear brand : Amanda Apramian Amorim, a businesswoman of Portuguese descent, launched her label Aubrey Swims on May 1 at a posh event in Beverly Hills, when the brand’s first collection was unveiled. Amanda comes from a glamorous family; her mother was Miss Portugal. She has lived in Rio de Janeiro, Portugal, and now she resides in Los Angeles. By bringing together classic femininity, eco-consciousness, and a love of swimming, her label, Aubrey Swims, revitalizes the swimsuit industry.

A break from the norm in the swimsuit industry, Amanda’s collection is hand-made in Portugal from carefully selected fabrics salvaged from old stock. At this time, Aubrey Swims is only sold online, providing customers with a one-of-a-kind chance to purchase swimwear that not only flatters their bodies but also reflects their beliefs.

Among the many swimsuit brands out there, Amanda recently discussed the origins of Aubrey Swims and its unique selling points in an interview. Amanda stated her vision for swimwear that goes beyond just aesthetics to incorporate comfort, confidence, and originality, drawing influence from her personal experiences and observations.

Aubrey Swims’ first collection – DR

Amanda was born into a family that loved the beach and the water; her mother was Miss Portugal and her father was a marine biologist, so she grew up on the sandy beaches of southern Portugal. The groundwork for Amanda’s move into swimsuit design was established during these formative years spent amidst beach and surf, as well as hours spent engrossed in her mother’s fashion world.

As a reflection of Amanda’s love for female form depictions in art, the enchantment of femininity is evident in every part of Aubrey Swims. Amanda incorporates a feeling of glitz and refinement into her designs by drawing influence from a wide variety of sources, such as the enduring charm of Roman statues and the ethereal beauty depicted by Renaissance artists like Botticelli.

Not only does Amanda have Portuguese ancestry, but she also wants to support Portugal’s booming textile and manufacturing industries, which is why she decided to make Aubrey Swims in Portugal. Although Portugal is relatively unknown outside of the realm of high fashion, it is home to skilled artisans that can hold their own against the likes of France and Italy. Amanda guarantees top-notch quality and helps boost Portugal’s fashion industry’s international profile by having her swimwear made in the country.

Aubrey Swims – DR

Amanda chose to use deadstock materials in her designs since sustainability is important to Aubrey Swims. Amanda reduces trash while giving each item a one-of-a-kind quality by making use of discarded materials from the fashion business. Discerning shoppers may purchase eco-friendly clothing that doesn’t skimp on design or quality thanks to Aubrey Swims’ limited manufacturing runs, which further demonstrate the brand’s dedication to sustainability.

Despite not using conventional advertising methods, Aubrey Swims has become a household name thanks to the admiration and business of eco-conscious, fashion-forward consumers. Amanda is determined to carve out her own niche in the cutthroat swimsuit industry, driven by a love of handiwork, quality, and ethical consumption, with an eye toward expanding her online store and maybe entering into some retail partnerships down the road.

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