Amour Vert rebrands to think big

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 Amour Vert, a fashion industry leader in sustainability, was founded in 2009 in San Francisco by Linda Balti and Christoph Frehsee. With the support of Emil Capital Partners, a majority investor based in Connecticut, the brand has been able to solidify its position in the market by consistently prioritizing environmentally friendly practices such as using organic and recycled materials, reducing water and energy consumption, and supporting fair labor practices since 2023. The inauguration of its sixth physical store in Long Beach, which was just announced, is a major step forward in its expansion path, which is being driven by a strong commitment to sustainability.

 Dominique Mikolajczak, CEO, discussed the brand’s strategy for choosing boutique locations in an interview with According to Mikolajczak, Southern California, a region brimming with potential, is the perfect ground for Amour Vert’s growth. Our ideal customers reside in San Diego, Irvine, and Long Beach, areas that perfectly align with our commitment to sustainability and serve as a promising platform for our expansion.

 Amour Vert is already well-established in the North Coast of California, but Mikolajczak has grand ambitions for the South of the state, aiming to open more than 20 stores between San Diego and Santa Barbara. With the possibility of future development into other U.S. markets and possibly overseas regions, the primary focus is still on the Los Angeles metro area. The brand also envisions expanding its footprint internationally, with potential markets including Europe and Asia.

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Strategically, Amour Vert is looking to expand into new markets like Chicago so it can meet the needs of a wider range of customers with a wider variety of products. The brand’s expansion strategy involves opening stores in key locations, such as high-end shopping districts and areas with a high concentration of environmentally conscious consumers. Westfield Old Orchard’s recent debut was a proving ground for cashmere collections, sweaters, and outerwear, preparing the brand for growth in New York and Boston and other East Coast markets.

 Assisted by the design firm Malherbe Paris, Amour Vert begins a rebranding campaign along with its retail development. The redesigned logo, which features a fusion of refined French sensibilities and laid-back California cool, represents the brand’s dedication to timeless elegance and cutting-edge design. As part of this transition, Amour Vert plans to fortify its omnichannel presence and provide customers with a consistent brand experience across all channels, with a focus on enhancing sustainability messaging and product information.

Amour Vert Long Beach new store – DR

A strategic shift towards capitalizing on prospects in a vibrant fashion hub is indicated by the decision to move the brand’s headquarters from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The move was driven by the desire to tap into the expertise and resources available in Los Angeles, and the city’s vibrant fashion culture in Southern California, which encourages teamwork and new ideas, aligns well with Amour Vert’s innovative and collaborative approach.

 Amour Vert’s commitment to sustainability remains steadfast, even in the face of its growth. Our use of small batch production and choice of environmentally friendly materials are just two examples of the responsible practices that we have championed since our inception. As we successfully scale our business, we do so with a firm commitment to a sustainable future, a testament to our unwavering dedication to openness and quality.

 As Amour Vert begins this thrilling new phase of expansion, its commitment to sustainability will continue to be a pillar in all that it does.

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