London’s Greatest Street Style Haircuts From Fashion Week

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Hairstyle trends like the oval layer and the bullet bob that have gained popularity on TikTok ensure that we never lack for ideas. At London Fashion Week, though, it’s safe to say that no one does hair better than the street stylers.

The city’s most fashionable residents are shot each season as they make their way to the events, and while their knee-high boots, vintage handbags, and incredibly beautiful trench coats give us wardrobe envy, we often find ourselves most taken by their hair.

In terms of hairstyles, 2016 brought us bottleneck bangs (a hybrid of curtains and a larger fringes), the ‘Sachel’ (a shag cut with layers, à la Rachel from Friends), and the ‘U-shape’ (said to make lengths look fuller). The AW23 cuts presented at London Fashion Week, however, are unparalleled.

 tiny bangs (a complete fringe with a handful of gaps) that stylists said would be very popular this season. In particular, curls and waves will bring out the most in this fringe haircut.


Black-braided guest who wears a black leather jacket, blue mesh dress, and a circle belt as a fashion statement. At London Fashion Week, this and other beautiful protective styles have taken centre stage, both on the chic streets of the city and on the runways of shows like Mark Fast and Annie’s Ibiza.


The guest with the bright blue bob with the abstract body paint and the black cutaway shirt. The combination of the choppy bob and the slicked-across fringe gives off a rather futuristic air. You can rock it dry and sleek, or spritz with some sea salt spray for a wet appearance that will take it to a whole new level of cool.


In February 2023, during London Fashion Week, Susanna Lau checks out the Harris Reed presentation at the Tate Modern.

As a fashion journalist, Susie Lau is the epitome of full fringe chic. This style is extremely long—it almost touches the lower lash lines—but its length allows it to be parted down the middle for a ’60s-inspired, Brigitte Bardot look.

A guest at Good Enough College in February 2023, sporting a bob haircut and a tartan miniskirt and bomber jacket from London Fashion Week.

This bob style is on trend in three ways: it’s short, it hits at the jawline, and it encourages movement and texture. It’s quite similar to the French bob 2.0, a popular hairstyle that was projected to explode in popularity this year by Buller and Rice cofounder and hairstylist Stephen Buller.

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