Vaishali S Spring/Summer 20 Collection Receives Fashion Critics Nod at the CAAFD NYFW Solo Showcase

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Vaishali S, a Mumbai-based luxury label founded by Vaishali Shadangule was handpicked by CAAFD this season to showcase their SS20 Collection at the New York Fashion Week. CAAFD selected the designer in recognition and to highlight the notable cause her brand is working towards during the fashion week.  Vaishali S transforms authentic Indian hand looms into wearable works of art by working closely with local weaver across the country of India. According to the brand, they are making a humble attempt to give voice to old local stories in a world where everything is freshly trending. In this endeavor of the brand, each feather light thread becomes heavier, not as a burden but as a memory, becoming a requiem for tomorrow. 


“A unique harmony of contemporary silhouettes, the new collection features handwoven fabrics which have been treated using techniques such as knotting, cording and hand embroidery to create
textured surfaces. It is a heirloom interwoven in culture and global appeal. The color palette leaves
an interesting trail: a vibrant splash with hints of soothing white, put together between sheers and
pops of geometric motif vocabulary,” read the press notes.


The SS 20 Collection was titled, “Umber” and the designer hopes it would open doors for a Glocal approach (Global + Local.) The brand strongly believes that people forge too easily into global identities, often leaving their individuality stranded. According to Vaishali Shadangule, subtle art is never fanatic; it aims to merge, to blend the traditional into a worldview that appeals to a wider audience. Using a sharp needle and wit, she revives Khunn, recoining elegance in thread work.The beauty of the fabric she feels is in imprints, narrated in a vocabulary of sun, stars, animals and diamonds.


On the runway, the luxury brand presented with a total of 28 pieces for the showcasing. The palette was rich and diverse with an array of subdued colors. Every piece had a vibe of the summer. The collection consisted mostly of day wear and presented with a range of options. There were both flowing and fitted dresses, pants with tops and a lot of colorful loose shots. The designer also used a lot of meshes in her pieces and one could see hints of the brand’s homeland in the way it was draped or in the weaving of a couple of outfits. What also got our attention was the footwear with the bows attached to them. They made for a fun, colorful addition to the whole attire.

Pictures Courtesy of: CAAFD /iMaxtree/FrontRow Press

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