Tommy Hilfiger 2020 spring/summer Collection

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Tommy Hilfiger 2020 spring/summer collection was a massive success as it was very classic and different. About his collection at fashion week, Hilfiger said, “Lewis wanted to expand from just men’s to genderless and Unisex, and we thought it would be cool to bring a female musician into the mix”. Further explaining his genderless collection, he said, “bring three points of view has helped us create something everyone is happy with.

Ready to Wear Spring/Summer Collection

We all agree that he beautifully portrays his set of mind behind his massive hit collection. He really wanted that every other gender can come to his store and buy Tommy Hilfiger 2020 spring/summer collection without being in dispute. Undoubtedly, he is a man of great foresightedness.

His collection incorporates neons, white, and black sportswear, which looked incredible and vintage at the same time. The bottom pants were having some ruffle detailing, which brings a whole new feel for the look of the models. Hats on top with bags at the back gave major summer/spring sports goals. The interesting scarf grasps beautifully around the neck made the vibes more spectacular. The best part of his runway was the flag designed suits. They were undoubted, showing the slogan “Unity” and “Oneness”. Shirt printed with ‘Loyalty’ shows more of his connection with London. As Hilfiger vocalizes, “We are a truly global brand”. Definitely, he proved himself very well by bringing in the flag theme, which gave a loud and clear meaning.

Moving towards the fabric, for the very first time, he brings in washable fabric without water, which sounds so cool. Related to his phenomenal collection, he stated, “I like remaking them: a sleeve from my one and a collar from another. People are buying Tommy vintage anyway, so we should be selling it”. The collection further consists of jackets and spring season coats, which looked spectacular. The way two models walked the Ram together shows how much he believes in unity.

Why His Fashion week took place in London?

Now it’s more clear why the Fashion week took place in London. He really wanted to become sustainable as he said this himself, too. One of the reasons was also that his ongoing collaborator, “Lewis Hamilton,” grew up in London. Moreover, on asking about this from Tommy, he said, “Doing what we are doing suits London very well, in general”.

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