The Power Of The Runway Through Time

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For decades the catwalks have been used to show society the latest models of the season, the most ingenious designs, the new stamps or the morphologies of the moment. To begin with a bit of history, we should remember that before what we now know as “parade” or “catwalk/runway” was simply a moment. Where the designer showed him through a “model” a piece that he was doing to a lady of high society for your next event.
That’s how it all really started. But it was the visionary Charles Frederick Worth, who with his creativity and ingenuity transformed this event into something a little more modern for the time.

Charles Federick Worth´s Atelier – 1858

Before, the pieces were created based on what the client wanted. It was created special and specifically according to your tastes. Worth completely changed this system.
Charles started creating his own pieces. Something super novel for the moment. He was the one who wholly chose everything. Details, morphologies, and fabrics. They were unique pieces and created especially from their ideas. The models of the moment were named as sosies and they were the ones who show the clothes and, walking in a straight line. Very similar to the present, since nowadays we have theatrical catwalks, like those of McQueen and Galliano in the 90s, The first fashion shows are related to the theater, and were created at the same time as the cinema.

Each designer had a proposal that identified them within the market, strengthened their identity within the world of fashion and above all, it was always something new.

Pretty soon, the beautiful Coco Chanel appeared who proposed to her models a certain position to mark her own style. Later, it would become a symbol of the brand itself. Everything was novel, ingenious, creative and broad strokes, a novelty. This was incredible and every time it became more theatrical. The press praises with participating and being inside each parade, of each season presentation because they knew that what was presented was something unique.
The 80 ‘arrived and along with the Azzedin Alaia and his body suits giving a name to the “body conscious”. Martin Margiela and his confusion because of the design and everything involved. He broke with the use of interviews, photographs, and parades to show his work, instead, he opted for the use of simple videos without music or set design.


After we went through Antonio Berardi, who worked for John Galliano, and was the creator shoes without heels in the back. Together with Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Hussein Chalayan, he is considered one of the best designers of the 90s. Incredible, magnificent, admirable, visionaries, excellent designers.  One amongst all that still stands tall is McQueen. A great creator of  exceptional and spectacular art of wears. The moments of not only talking about clothes but also, of the magnificent parades. His was empowering women, giving them courage, strength, feeling, that people, he created magic on the catwalk.  How can one forget the memorable hologram he made with Kate Moss in 2006.

We had a great tour. The fashion world evolved together and thanks to all its designers that make every garment and every event possible.

Today, after having spent the 90’s at the minimal of 2000, we can say that we have a little bit of everything. One of the best brands that will never stop surprising us with its staging is Chanel.  Each season offers us an imaginary world composed of art and unthinkable morphologies that only Karl Lagerfeld’s could create.

Big brands continue to give us impressive catwalks, with art, an impressive scenography and other brands that are a bit calmer and well traditional. Today, in 2019, the multiplicity of designers and their ideas are millions and the trajectory simplifies it. We have gone from the simplest to the most insane, everything is valid in the eye of its beholder. Fashion has evolved in many forms but one thing for certain it has become the most expressive wearable art ever created.





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