The New Era of Co-Working. How Does Fashion Benefit?

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The smell of coffee, the whispers and murmurs  of people talking in a low voice may at first sound like being in the library. But no,  you have entered to a Co-Working zone .

NeueHouse - Coworking NY

NeueHouse Co-Working – New York

We are in a new era where large buildings are being converted into offices full of people, a multi-space filled with various professions.  Co-working is the new fashion. You can be a graphic designer or the CEO of a multinational company and be sitting next to a fashion designer who is developing her latest collection. Sounds scary? But it works. And today is what many professionals choose. Today the co-working idea is where the company becomes a community, it’s about unfitting different components.

As far as we know, it all began in 2005 when Brad Neuberg opened the doors of his home in California so that colleagues or people who had nowhere to work find a place where they can develop their work. In these spaces, the main idea is to be able to find colleagues who are in your environment, or in the same playing field but also having the possible collaboration with other professionals from different areas, which generates greater creativity and innovation to your project.  There are countless co-working spaces that have emerged over the years all around the globe including one of the biggest thus far, The We work company. The We Company has raised a total of $12.8B in funding over 14 round, now valued at $47 billion.

Moda Coworking – Madrid

Fashion found its place in this universe. Little by little and without hurry, the fashionable Co-Working began to appear to unite all the roles that are within this world. A very good example is Moda Co-Working in Madrid. Fashion co-working is a space dedicated to a fashion lover can develop as a professional. The physical space has tables so you can locate your computer and work on your project. It has an atelier where designers have flat machines, sergers, cutting table, racks and everything they need to start or develop their clothing line. They have a photography studio where you can make photo productions with a model or make a product photo. In short, it is a space for fans of  fashion. The key to the success of this work is that it is not only a space to develop but also provide courses so you can continue training and advising on your project. The idea of fashion co-working is a brilliant one since you can find many people who can contribute to one main project.

El Club de la Tela –  Buenos Aires

If you are a fashion designer you can find various resources like photographers, models, or a graphic designer to design your brand logo. Specifically, the goal is to know how to connect between people and get the best out of each one and add another. Like Fashion Revolution, the idea of the whole thing is to unify human visions. It is a place where everyone can contribute and exchange ideas. The important thing is to see this new movement as an opportunity to break with the structures of the offices and start opening your eyes to new ideas, other opinions and add new people to your social network.

We are living a new generation where companies and people begin to connect and immerse themselves in new beliefs, accept new technologies and accept the addition and support of other entrepreneurs.

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