The Different Body Types and Shapes for Different Women

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How many times have we asked ourselves “why that dress suits her and not in me?” As already mentioned in previous articles, dressing is not only putting clothes on our body, but also, it is the most direct way to communicate who we are every day.
We are not talking about dressing up with fancy and expensive clothes, or second hand, we are talking about dressing in a way that our way of thinking, of expressing, our personality is reflected in each garment or accessories that we carry. Our way of dressing can talk about our profession, about our hobbies, about political ideologies, or if we are those addicted to fashion that follows each trend.


Image Source: Heather Hazzan and Lily Cummings

How many times do we find ourselves with certain discomforts with some garments that do not fit in our body, that we feel uncomfortable when we wear them. And here is when we ask ourselves, Why My Body, And Not Hers?

The clothes speak, and much more than we think.

Image Source: Heather Hazzan and Lily Cummings

To be a little more specific, the parts of the body that most identify us and matter when buying clothes are Shoulders, Bust, Waist, Hip. These four parts of our body are going to help us to know WHAT TYPE OF BODY WE HAVE, and why we wear that dress well and  not at all. We have five types of female morphology types of body and their main characteristics and to give you a clearer example, we will put a celebrity as an example for each one.

Body Rectangle: Well-proportioned shoulders and hips, at the same height, but lack waist. The example we are going to give is that of Gigi Hadid. With this image, what we show, reinforces her waist with some ties to mark it and that stands out inside her body.

Victoria´s Fashion Week Ny / 2018

Hourglass: Shoulders and hips of the same width, have a well-marked waist. The clearest example is that of Kim Kardashian who dazzles us with her perfect silhouette.

Kim Kardashian / GC images

Triangle: A very common silhouette, women caderonas, a lot of leg and bum and very narrow shoulders. Beyonce is one of our star examples. With its prominent hips and definite shoulders.

Queen B hippie chic- 2016 – Getty Images

Inverted Triangle: Narrow hips and well-marked shoulders, This silhouette is very common in women who exercise.

Reese Witherspoon / 10th Annual Avon Foundation For Women Gala / NY 2010

Oval: A waist with more circumference than the bust and the hip. The hips are wide and the upper thighs are quite wide.

Jennifer Hudson at Brit Awards / London / 2018

This is not an article to show you what kind of bodies celebrities have. This is the moment when you  run to the mirror – preferably naked – and have an eye to see which silhouette fits with our body.
The main idea is that we can see that we all have different bodies and that our challenge is to be able to be those women, strong, independent, before a society that imposes,  knowing who we are outside and inside.
Knowing our strengths and weaknesses is what makes us the women we want to be. Therefore, with this article, we show you that each woman is different. That each one has an attribute that differentiates it from the other and that thanks to that attribute (we must always see everything positive) we can be who we want to be if we know how to identify it and empower it.

As we showed in the pictures of the celebrities, each one opted for a wardrobe that favors they taking into account their body’s morphology. No morphology is better or worse than the other. Women just have to understand what kind of body they have, accept ourselves as we are and identify what garments are those that will make us highlight and embrace our curves.

Image Source: Heather Hazzan and Lily Cummings

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