Suitcases of the World: Prabal Gurung at the NY Fashion Week

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Prabal Gurung picked up the Fall’19 collection from where he left his Spring’19 collection. The Fall’19 collection was titled ‘Suitcases of the World’ to show the inspirations that he drew from his long travels to Nepal, India, and China. The collection picked elements from these South East Asian countries and blended then wonderfully into the American fashion style.

The palette was bright with loads of color, glittering jewelry, and footwear. The collection showed hand-loomed brocade patchwork fabrics collected from Varanasi, India; hand knit cashmere along with hand-painted motifs from Nepal. Landscapes of Taj Mahal and various other famous places from South East Asia were also on display. To add the American touch the collection also had a sport standard feel but the pieces were on the likes of quilted duvet coats, bombers, safari jackets, and cargo pants. Gurung drew inspiration from the 70’s collection of Blass, YSL, and Lacroixisms. These were his idols in the fashion industry.

Gurung also teamed up with the Japanese jewelry house Tasaki, to present beautiful pieces of jewelry highlighting pearls. The designer is known for his footwear collection and he did not disappoint this time either as he presented ankle booties, V-cut pumps, and a few block heels. The collection was fun and cheerful.

“All of us are more similar than we are different”

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