Spy Inspired Collection by Zimmermann at the NYFW

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Nicky Zimmermann found inspiration for her NYFW fall’19 collection from the times of World War II, in the form of French Resistance fighter Nancy Wake. She was called the “white mouse” because she never got caught. Talking about her muse for the collection Zimmermann explained, “I loved the idea of such a feminine, skillful, and selfless figure—a woman who helped people in the most difficult of circumstances.”

The runway balanced the spy attire from the World War II era and the modern era. The runway was lit with berets and trench coats and wide belts dominated the collection. Other than that, bomber jackets, pointy dresses, wrap skirts, high waisted trousers brought the spy attire to the modern era. It also gave the collection a boho romantic touch, something which the brand is known for. The Billowy blouses and sweaters did look out of place but did fall in place as a winter showcase piece.

“We wanted to mix toughness with femininity, playing with the contrast of leather outerwear and pretty dresses”

Pictures Courtesy of: Filippo Fior / Gorunway.com / Vogue.com

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