Pamella Roland Presents at the Fall/Winter’19 Showcasing at NYFW

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“We are doing what our customer wants—great cocktail dresses and gowns”

Pamella Roland knows exactly what her customers wants and she has decided to stick to that formula. This year’s inspiration was Tiffany glass and stained glass window. “Window-like linear techniques are used throughout the collection, along with blending shades of bold and muted colors to represent the Opalescent technique used in Tiffany stained glass,” Roland was quoted as saying.

The collection had 35 pieces in total and included body-hugging silhouettes to princess-style dresses and sparkling, glittering gowns to a few pieces of jumpsuits. She worked with beads, crystals, pearls and added feathers this season as per the customer demands. The whole collection was overall very pretty.

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