MAC’s New Disney Aladdin Makeup Collection Goes Live

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The dream to look like an exotic princess comes alive for many as MAC launches its Aladdin Makeup Collection in collaboration with Disney. We wished and they commanded. Filled with a mix of precious metals and Jasmine-inspired jewel-tones, The Disney Aladdin Collection by M·A·C unleashes a new world of limited-edition color. Launched on 16th May just eight days before the release of the live action-adaptation Aladdin Disney movie, this wish-fulfilling collaboration highlights the self-determination and confidence of Princess Jasmine. The color palette for the collection portrays Princess Jasmine as confident and strong-willed; inspiring all of us to express ourselves in any way we desire.

The emphasis on this collection are on “smoky metallic’s” and “desert shades”. With the tagline, “Don’t just limit yourself to three wishes”, the collection contains a nine-pan eye shadow palette with regal shades of purple and gold, four lipsticks, three Lip glasses (MAC’s definition of lip gloss), and individual highlighter and bronzer compacts.The Lipsticks come in a range of deep purples named after favorite moments from the film like Friend like Me, Whole New World, Rajah and Princess Incognito. There is also a pigment in rose, a crystal glaze and kohl.Glossy Lip glass comes in three subtly pigmented shimmer shades: Magic Carpet Ride, Jewels on Jewel and Diamond In The Ruff.There’s also a variety of pressed powders: one highlighter and one bronzer.

The pricing ranges from $19 to $30 and the entire vault can be purchased for $310 (finding my magic lamp to grant me this collection) If this was not enough, the packaging for this limited edition is in short just magical. The colors are inspired by Princess Jasmine’s outfits of gold and turquoise. Flowers and garlands adore the collection. The encasings also showcase the rich patterns and vibrant colors of Agrabah where Aladdin and Jasmine’s exciting exotic story unfolds. The bronzer comes with an imprint of Genie’s lamp.

“This collection couldn’t be more perfect,” said M.A.C. senior artist Dominic Skinner in a statement, according to US Weekly. “With flashes of frosts, pearls and metallic’s, simply complement these iridescent wonders against a flawless matte base like M.A.C. Studio Fix Fluid to really make these shimmers sing. From fresh nudes and expensive golds to luxurious reds, there is something for everyone to be carried away with.”

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