Lizzo, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and Cardi B look stunning on the red carpet at the Grammys award show

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Lizzo dazzled on Sunday’s wild and crazy Grammys red carpet in a vivid orange Dolce & Gabbana opera coat with flowers and a large hood. Streetwear in disrepair, T-shirts, and jeans are combined with blinged-out fashion, crazy patterns, and a lot of skin.

Lizzo moved cautiously while balancing her bulky coat’s long train. After some time, she let go of the cloak, revealing a softer orange corset gown with bust-baring sequins beneath. The gown was constructed of silk with Swarovski crystal mesh accents, and the coat was totally embroidered with handcrafted silk flowers. She accessorised with sheer fingerless gloves and shoes with crystal embellishments.
“Lizzo is a floral garden fantasy in her ruffle orange 3D robe and matching corset dress underneath,” stated Holly Katz, host of the Fashion Crimes podcast and a stylist. “And we love to hear her roar!”

Taylor Swift channelled her Midnights era with a long, two-piece sparkle outfit by Roberto Cavalli that included a high-neck, long-sleeve crop top. Yes, they were midnight blue. She dressed up her hair and wore Lorraine Schwartz’s spectacular diamond earrings.

Harry Styles, a fan of fashion, strutted down the red carpet wearing a jumpsuit with a rainbow harlequin pattern and Swarovski crystals. Under his shirt, he was naked. Cheers erupted at his low-cut, colourful Egonlab appearance. Young brand Egonlab is based in Paris.

“The man seems like he’s having an enormous amount of fun with fashion, and even if that doesn’t mean wearing harlequin overalls for most of us, the end result — the sheer joy of it — is something we should all aim for,” said Esquire’s style director, Jonathan Evans.

Cardi B., in contrast, chose an eye-catching, sculptural electric blue gown with broad shoulders.

She said to the photographers, “I’m trying, I’m trying,” as she slowly descended the carpet.

Cardi’s outfit was from Gaurav Gupta’s latest collection, “continuing to prove she intrinsically understands the delicate style dynamics of the Grammys carpet. It’s not about being funny; it’s about making a statement,” according to Harper’s Bazaar’s digital culture editor Bianca Betancourt.

Cardi wore an ensemble made of silver metallic fabric from the Paco Rabanne legacy to present the prize for best rap album. Rabanne, 88, passed away on Friday in France.

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