LaQuan Smith at the NYFW for the Fall/Winter’19 Showcasing

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The iconic show from the ’90s formed the basis of inspiration for this collection by LaQuan Smith. The designer is known for designing collections which have the essence of sensuality and luxury. For him, it is all about showing women in powerful and glamorous avatars. This season Smith collaborated with  Saga Furs to greatly incorporate fur into his collection. It was used to design pieces like jackets and coats and also used as embellishments. The pieces were styled in mug shot prints of tartans and leopard, and varied patterns in versatile colors. Other than that the collection had short plaid dresses and gowns with slits cut sky-high. Men were also dressed in smart candy-colored sweats and cardigans.

“I wanted everything to be sexy and expensive, I wanted her to be super strong and super confident. I didn’t want to shy away from it this season.”

The commentary helped set the tone for the show. It started with, “Her style is rich—when you think LaQuan Smith, you think fashion!” and gave instructions throughout the show to the models on how to strut and to the audience on how to take in the models as they arrived individually and in groups of three.

Pictures Courtesy of:  Alessandro Lucioni /

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