Lady Gaga at the Met Gala: From Costumes Changes to the Gold Foil Lashes

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The 71st Met Gala in New York saw exaggerated fashion this year. It was the theme of this year’s Met Gala. But hardly anyone could outdo the force that was Lady Gaga, this year’s Met Gala host along with Harry Styles. Lady Gaga has shown she can pull all stops on the red carpet in the past and this night was no different. A night before the Met Gala, she pulled off an over the top Marc Jacobs back and white ruffle dress accessorized by a tiny purse and sky-high platform boots to kick start the countdown hours for the ball.

Returning to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala after a two-year hiatus, Lady Gaga was one of the first to arrive at this year’s Gala. She stepped onto the red carpet in a beautiful and outrageously fuchsia pink parachute cape gown with a 25-foot train, a huge pink hair bow, and a mile long gold foil lashes. The gold lashes added a dramatic look to her entire ensemble. The costume was designed by her friend and designer, Brandon Maxwell. Maxwell accompanied Gaga along with her glam squad and tuxedoed backup dancers who performed a whole choreography of fawning over while using umbrellas as props. Gaga, who had already got the nod of approval from critics and fan alike did something which could be termed nothing less than performing arts.

Photo: Karsten Moran

After posing for several photographs, she opened her to the cape to reveal a gorgeous black couture gown, which she posed with a black umbrella to complete the look. It was a stunning piece of the black strapless gown, which accentuate her figure greatly. She looked beautiful and onlookers were quite impressed by her. Little did they know, she was planning on blowing their minds. A third outfit has changed followed with Gaga now in a hot pink gown complete with a giant black cell phone bag, a diamond necklace and decked with a pair of giant black sunglasses. She then very flamboyantly went on to do her lipstick on the red carpet and adjust her make-up. People thought this was it, but then there was the final performance. In what felt like a burlesque performance, Lady Gaga stripped down to her crystal-studded bra and pantyhose while pulling a hot pink wagon full of rosé and pink cowboy hats.


This act could not have pulled off by just about any naive artist. Lady Gaga too is no novice, seeing her previous track records on the red carpets. But this time, every outfit of hers was an ode to a phase of her life. Art is what she lives by and art is what she delivered on this night.


Photo: Karsten Moran

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