Jeremy Scott presents Fake News inspired Fashion at NYFW

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“Meltdown,” “Panic,” “Psycho,” “Scandal,” “Tragedy,” were some of the words that screamed from the clothing showcased by Jeremy Scott at the NYFW. Scott whose creations are mostly fun and over the top left people in the audience gasping as he presented this year’s collection. His theme this year was News. Fake News. Clickbait. He was not trying to comment on today’s media but rather the notion on how one forms opinions on news without even reading the full story. Scott teamed up with artist Aleksandra Mir to hand-draw “fake news” headlines on an elevated range of clothing to express his viewpoint.

“This is my commentary on where we are as a culture,” Scott said backstage. “We as a people have an obsession for salacious headlines and clickbait. I took all that…garbage…and tried to make something beautiful,” he explained. It’s not the media itself so much as the mass audience’s appetite for destruction that is the issue: “It’s how quickly it can travel, change people’s reality and get them riled up instead of having understanding and compassion.”

The collection was all in color of newspaper print black and white (except a few denim pieces in faded blue). Except these words, headlines from the Post and New York Daily News were hand written and designed by the talented duo on  biker jackets, puffers, party tutu dresses , denim and layered chiffon gowns.

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