Japanese Inspired Collection by Adeam at NYFW

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“In a world dominated by technology, I [wanted] to put the focus on both nature and craftsmanship”

Hanako Maeda took inspiration from the north most islands of Japan, Hokkaido and its native Ainu population.  The population has stayed away from technology and lives in harmony with the environment and nature. The earthy colors used by the population in their garments made with natural dyes of plants and flowers – turmeric yellow, poppy red, cacao brown, fuchsia along with shades of blue formed the basic for the vibrant palette for Adeam’s showcasing.

Ainu’s embroideries and geometric patters were artistically incorporated in the whole collection. The collection ranged had bomber jackets, silk frocks, wrap and maxi skirts. Gowns with two-tones closed her showcasing.  Maeda also used, eco leather in her collection to strive a balance with nature and fashion. Each piece of work had embroideries from the Ainu tribe and use of ribbons, laces and pleating to show a touch of handwork. The whole collection gave a very sleek and urban look and yet it showed a very personal and earthy aspect of modern fashion.

Image Credits: Filippo Fior / Gorunway.com/ Vogue.com

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