Glitter Makeup Rules in Coachella 2019

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The Coachella Valley Music Festival is an annual music and arts festival held at Empire Polo Club, California. Various noted musicians and singers have performed at this event, from Pearl Jam to Arianna Grande to Beyonce as well as reunited groups. The attendance is always high. But the show offers more than just outstanding performances by your favorite musicians.

The Coachella Valley Music Festival is the place to see and to be seen. High-profiled celebrities want to show their best look and do more to their hair or make-up, and festival attendees love to follow suit.

Last year, we saw 90-influenced hairstyle with wet skin introduced by Queen Bay. Then, what are the trends in 2019?

Glitter makeup is gaining popularity as it works for all skin types. Festival-goers can put glitter, not on their eyelids. Interestingly, women do not only use glitter eyeshadows to look sparkling but also rhinestones, jewels to add a unique touch.

The best thing about glitter is that everyone can apply it, even beauty newbies. There is no right or wrong about this style. Glitter also offers happiness, as Global Beauty Director for YSL Beauty, Tom Pecheux said.

Pecheux told Refinery29: “I really love glitter because it makes you think of joy and happiness.”

You can be creative with your glitter without overdoing your makeup as Pecheux recommended. Coachella visitors tend to add glitter on eyelids, cheekbones, and inner corner. Do you want to sparkle your look? Here are some tips:

  1. Choose one glitter that suits you: What kind of glitter do you want? If you want a natural one, choose a color that matches your skin tone and stick with that. If you overdo it, your look will be like a costume, said Gloria Ellias-Foeillet, a makeup artist who works with rapper Missy Elliott. Even though there are no fixed rules about glitter look, makeup artists recommend focussing on the eyes, as Morgane Martini, makeup artist for model Ashley Graham stated.
  2. Use it appropriately: Balance is essential, especially if you want to apply glitter in more than one area. For example, if you have a bold glitter on your eyelids, try to soften on your cheekbones.
  3. Apply sparkly look on your eyes first before everything else: It can help you save time and most makeup experts recommend this method.
  4. Use a cosmetic glue, but be careful with your eyes: If you want to have a long-lasting look, you can apply your glitter with a cosmetic glue. But avoid your waterline when using your glitter.

“The eyes are very sensitive, and if it’s not cosmetic glitter, it can be dangerous to apply them in your eyes,” Martini said.

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