Fashion trends that are dying in 2020

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With the new year comes the “new you” and the “new you” is ready to take the leap into new fashion by storm. With the new year around the corner, we resolute to let go of the past, at least the bad parts and to help you let go of fashion trends that were huge last year but not trendy anymore and are dying in 2020 in the fashion world. These aren’t trends that are necessarily bad, but they’re just not on the edge anymore and are desperately looking for a replacement. 


 Here are some of the fashion trends that are slowly, but surely, dying in 2020. 


  1.  Dad sneakers: 

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There’s a reason why they’re called the dad sneakers, it belongs to your dad and not on your feet. Let’s face it, the chunky sneakers don’t suit anything: not your dresses, not your jeans, nothing but your running tracks. It is super comfortable and so easy to wear on the daily, but this is a fashion trend that is slowly and surely dying in 2020. And we’re not sad about it, really. These chunky sneakers are slowly getting replaced by retro classic sneakers with styles that last for a really long time like the Converse. 


  1.       Cold shoulder:

Who doesn’t love a cold shoulder? We did. And we still own tons of cold shoulder tops in our closet. However, this fashion trend has been played out so often that when you step out in a cold shoulder now, you’re just going to look basic. Like you didn’t try hard enough. You would still look great, but you wouldn’t make any fashion statement with it on. The cold shoulder is being replaced by floral tops with nice clean lines, and we’re all up for it. 


  1.       Neon colors: 


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Gone are the days for eye-catching neon hues. Yes, we loved them, and they had their share of time even though they were so difficult to style since nothing seemed to work out. But it’s time to go and for good reason. The days of neon are getting replaced by subtle neutrals, and frankly, we’re happy since neutrals make us look more polished and flatter our skin tones. Beiges, creams, and tans are making a comeback, and we couldn’t be happier. 


  1.       Boiler suits:

What purpose did the boiler suits serve us anyway? We have no idea why this made an appearance in the fashion trends at all! We didn’t know what to make out of it. Was it a business attire? Was it casual? Were we supposed to dress up like this and go around as maintenance workers? No one knows! All we know is we are really glad to see it go. 


  1.       Bike shorts:

Who decided it was okay to wear athletic bike shorts as an everyday outfit? It was wrong, to begin with since it didn’t flatter anybody and didn’t make us look sophisticated. And it didn’t compliment or suit our body types at all with all our bulges showing. There’s a place where the bike shorts belong: the gym! And nowhere else. Nowhere. 


  1.       Padded shoulders: 


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It wasn’t a good look in the 80s and it most definitely is not a good look now. The padded shoulders never complimented a woman’s silhouette anyway. Thankfully, this trend is on its way and fitted shoulders are making a comeback. And rightly so. A padded shoulder is not a good look on anyone, and we’re glad everyone else sees it too. 




  1.       Jewelry stacks:

The days of stacking a million rings and necklaces are officially over. The jewelry stacking trend has surely come to an end and is being replaced by chunky statement jewelry that we think makes more of a style statement that all the stacking did. While we did love how some fashionistas were stacking their jewelry and making it seem like artwork, we are ready to embark on this new jewelry trend. 



  1.       Cargo pants as a fashion trend:

The cargo pants. What do we do with the cargo pants? It has never been a good fashion trend. Not a decade ago. Not now. And most definitely not in the 2020s. It serves no purpose, except if you have a gazillion things you need to carry around in your pant pockets. It doesn’t flatter our legs and makes us look stocky and short. Why people were still wearing it, we don’t know. But we’re glad to see it go. The cargo pants are being replaced by fitting jeans and culottes. Our butts thank you. 



What do you think of these fashion trends that are dying in 2020? Do you agree? Or do you wish some things never changed?


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