Fashion Revolution. What Does this Really Mean?

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The  fashion world changed as we knew it after April 2013. Due to the collapse of a factory in Savar, Bangladesh, where 1,127 people passed away and 2,437 others injured, thus life has never been the same.  Fashion Revolution was born from this global impact.

How many people asked themselves what was the reason for this to have happened and what were the effects of this tragedy in the fashion world?  The cracks and the unacceptable state in which this building was, where many people worked daily to make the garments for big brands, were the result of this tragedy. But, today, we are not going to talk about the event, although it would deserve a complete article about it. Today we are going to talk about Fashion Revolution. This is the name of the organization which have been created after this travesty. It was founded in the United Kingdom (UK). These people are designers, producers, photographers, who wanted to give FASHION a different meaning and path going forward.

This catastrophe allows many people to understand which were the conditions in which the garments were produced. Behind every garment there were, and cheerlessly still are, many people who work under unacceptable human conditions. Fashion Revolution was created in order to be able to publicize and inform about this reality.
This organization believes in real fashion, where the values of people are important, where the environment is being taken into account, and where creativity and profit are in equal measure because that is what is fair.
The main goal is entirely changing the way that clothes are fabricated by understanding who are the people behind these machines that create each garment and by giving them the importance they deserve. Also, they want to educate and inform people how is the best way to consume.

Their aim is to create a change and make people believe in that. The essential way of seeing this is to inspire those who buy or that they are on thinking in to create their own brand, to go and make it happen but through an ethical and sustainable way. It’s important to mention that they don’t want people to feel guilty because of the way of consuming. Fashion Revolution wants to help them to be conscious about this, and that they have the power to do something to make a positive change. Despite being talking about the “dark” side of fashion, what Fashion Revolution is trying to do is believe in fashion but in a different way. Transparency. Taking into account the environment and above all the dignity of human work.

The organization is huge. With more than 100 countries who created their headquarters, to support and be able to transmit this same message. Under the values ​​and beliefs of each society. The message is clear, it is to educate and mobilize people to produce and consume in a different way. To commemorate and reinforce this message.  Fashion Revolution week has been created for some time now. From the 22nd to the 28th of April it is reinforced and strengthened even more because Fashion Revolution was born. With the hashtag #whomademyclothes most brands and producers they go on stage demonstrate transparency in their supply chain.

This is something important. This is something big. Fashion Revolution was created so that all of us are aware of who creates the clothes we choose every day. Under what conditions they manufacture it, how much money they pay to those people and how much we buy it. This organization was created in order to help fashion to be more dignified and stronger. The future rules will be the same for everyone, in all sectors and areas.

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