Fall’19 Couture: Iris van Herpen

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Iris van Herpen is known for her technical creations. The Dutch designer uses complicated techniques to create fashion that is always mesmerizing in a way or sp. The Fall’19 Couture Collection was no different. This season, Herpen worked with American artist Anthony Howe to create kinetic inspired pieces which were nothing short of a work of art. Anthony Howe is famous for his spherical Omniverse sculpture. It was hung above the runway at the Élysée Montmartre in Paris.

“The collection is a hypnotic visualization of nature’s tapestry, the symbiotic cycles of our biosphere that interweave the air, land, and oceans. It also reflects the ongoing dissection of the rhythms of life and resonates with the fragility within these interwoven worlds.”

Aptly titled “Hypnosis,” the creations began with motioning on a body. The dresses came with wings made of various materials.  The dresses moved as the models moved along the runway. She also used Japanese ink-on-water technique of suminagashi to create a print of lines. Her final piece was made in the image of Omniverse had wings made of aluminum, stainless steel, and feathers. They moved as though moving by the gush of wind when the model walked the runway. It was something magical.

Pictures Courtesy of: Alessandro Lucioni / Gorunway.com/ Vogue.com

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