Fall’19 Couture: Antonio Grimaldi Takes the Runway on Black and White

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Elegant and classy are the words that can be used to describe the Fall’19 Couture Collection presented by Antonio Grimaldi in Paris. At 30 pieces, the Collection was well balanced. For Fall’19, the designer picked a color palette of black and white with the occasional throw of beige, red and purple in the mix.

For the women’s pieces, the designer designed fitted silhouettes. Most of the collection revolved around pants with artistically designed tops. A couple of jumpsuits and evening dresses rounded up the whole collection. What we really liked is the play on various necklines that Grimaldi presented in his collection. For the men’s wear, there were two pieces – fitted suits with leather shirts. Overall, it was a pleasing collection.

Picture Credits – Antonio Grimaldi/Vogue.com

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