Fall’19 Couture: Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition

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Having said that, Alberta Ferretti the young Italian designer presented a collection 3-D embroideries, volumes and bold designs. The structures were more refined but there as a n underlying simplicity to the whole collection. The designer wanted to reflect “a woman’s strong identity,” through her Fall’19 Couture Collection along with her appreciation for  “a dress that can move, accompany and transform a woman.”

“I like simplicity but not simplification.”

What was different and so unlike Ferretti in this collection was also the color palette she picked for her pieces. Mostly known for picking a palette of dustier and paler hues, Feretti picked bright and bold shades of chartruese, fire red, turquoise, and fuchsia for the Fall’19 Couture Collection. Yet, one could see the trademarks of Ferretti with the elements of romance and magic as she added a touch of eccentricity in her pieces. One can get a whimsical feel in the aquamarine gown or the winged cape over the fitted pants. The designer has also tried to increase the day wear pieces as she adds a pair of pants with a top and a couple of dresses.

Pictures Courtesy of: Courtesy of Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition/ Vogue.com

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