Fall 2019 Couture: Maison Margiela

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John Galliano of Maison Margiela offered the Fall’19 Couture Collection in continuance with his last collection. Before he was feeling the excess of consumerism. This fall he wants to talk about the feeling of decay which follows with our over-dependence on consumerism. For Galliano, it was about re-connecting with oneself and depending on the power of instinct. In a podcast that accompanied the show John Galliano put his thoughts in words with:

“Before, we were feeling the excess, and now I’m feeling we’re in decay, reflected by the breakdown of social structure. I’m feeling impulsive and anarchic.”

For the Fall’19 Couture Collection, Galliano wanted Maison Margiela to focus on two things. The first he called, “projective filtrage.” He wanted to depict the over-saturation of technology and how today people are always walking through some kind of projection. To show that, the runaway had light projected coed imagery over real and digitalized fabric. This was his way of showing a conflict between impulses and their dependence on technology.

The second important focus of the Fall’19 Collection was the concept of, “nomadic cutting.” This refers to the process of taking a piece of familiar garment and transforming it into some other piece of novel garment. Galliano decided to focus on jeans (trousers) for the Fall’19 Collection. He turned the jeans upside down, inside out and used them as a bustier, cape, upside down skirts, etc.

Galliano also discussed how he is working towards inclusivity and that his pieces are all gender neutral. While designing the collection and preparing for the runaway he makes sure a piece is tried on both men and women to make sure they look good. This is something the world will be happily welcoming.

Pictures Courtesy of – Giovanni Giannoni / Maison Margiela / Vogue.com

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