Bibhu Mohapatra Celebrates at the NYFW

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Bibhu Mohapatra had much to celebrate as he returned to the NYFW after taking a break last year from the fashion week to reconstruct his brand. The label celebrates its 10th year in the business, having gone through its ups and downs. Launched right before the world faced economical depression and streetwear took over red carpet looks, the brand had to reconstruct themselves to stay in the industry.

“It’s more important now than ever to tell an authentic story. It’s not always enough just to do beautiful things. Authentic Bibhu is the juxtaposition of opposites.”

This year, Bibhu Mohapatra was inspired by a trip he took to the historical gardens of Mount Stewart in Northern Ireland. This can clearly be seen in some of the pieces from the collection. But the designs of the pieces are also inspired by the patterns and embroidered work of his partner, the artist Bobby Beard. The collection saw a lot of structured work, something which Mohapatra is also known for. With a colorful palette, embellishment and embroideries, the craftsmanship was beautifully done. The collection saw a lot of gowns, dresses, skirts, shirts. streamers and coats. Mohapatra also partnered with a leading jewelry brand in India to provide various pieces of diamond jewelry to go with the pieces adorned by models to give the whole collection a more authentic look.

“It’s really about paying homage to all the women in my life,” Mohapatra said.


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