An Interview with Anthony Sanchez Haute Couture

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Every now and again, we come across designers that we can’t resist asking questions,  to understand their work of art and what inspires them. Today, Anthony Sanchez fits that profile.  iFashion Network had the pleasure of sitting down with the Creative Director Anthony Sanchezin in his haute couture studio to ask few questions.

Creative Director Anthony Sanchez

IFN: To start to know  you a little, Who is Anthony Sanchez? What is your story?

AS: I’m a haute couture designer. Born in Venezuela, settled in Barcelona. On the other hand, I began my first steps in the world of sewing and fashion from childhood to my grandmother sewing and being a model in my country of origin. When I moved to the Basque country, I started my studies in Production Programming in Mechanical Manufacturing. Professionally, I have worked for more than 4 years in a company, in the automotive and aeronautical sector.  My focus was the machine center with numerical control, where I developed multiple pieces for dying, which eventually will go out to the automotive and aeronautical sector, etc. Alongside this work, I studied at the only haute couture school in Spain, with the help of great masters such as the dressmaker Javier Barroeta, the teacher, Jeweler Bordador, Johan Luc Katt, and the Designer of Costumes and Haute Couture Costumes Angel Amor, among other great eminences.

Anthony Sanchez Haute Couture

IFN: What is the identity of the brand? And what would you say is the brand’s philosophy?

AS: The unmistakable craftsmanship techniques, since we design applied art in garments. As much as possible, we use natural, noble and very high-quality products, so our brand is venturing into multiple sectors of high luxury for its exquisiteness and finesse, adding that our atelier is opened with the Greta of old Barcelona and the Ateliers of sewing of Milan or Paris.

IFN: How would you describe your clientele ? 

AS: The Anthony Sánchez Haute Couture brand is “only for connoisseurs”, who requires us to know that they are unique individuals and so must be their products, with excellent quality. The clientele and the public’s expectation are high,  since they know the technique and of course the raw materials used in creating such.

IFN: What is the formation of your team? 

AS:  Well, of course, myself as the Creative Director, the manager, the dressmaker, the tailor among many other collaborators and friends.

IFN: Could you tell us in detail your creative process? From the concept to the final product photo.

AS: It depends. But usually, I start with the sketch “drawing” by hand, then the ‘moulage’ on the mannequin where it allows you to have a direct realization using a base fabric. Then it is sewn and tested. The pertinent rectifications are made and then it is descending to take out the pattern in paper to then cut the real fabric, until the final elaboration of a unique garment.

IFN: We are delighted with certain characteristics of your brand, such as details, fabrics, prints and especially the eccentric morphologies that each product presents. What could you tell us about this?

AS: Thank you!!! I work with passion and enthusiasm and I believe that my clothes release that energy.

IFN: Some of your garments have handmade details. What do you want to convey or express through this? It is not an add-on either.

AS: I give each garment the utmost focus and attention, each is unique, an ‘A plus’ level of work is what we aim for. The detail and each stitch in each garment are done with precision and purpose. Every little detail counts.

IFN: From where do you draw your inspiration? 

AS: I am inspired by nature, architecture, metal and universal diversity.

Anthony Sanchez Haute Couture

IFN: How did it feel to present your collection in “Precision’s Collection” at the Begemot Art Gallery?

AS: Happy !, I wanted to convey a different way of presenting a high fashion capsule collection.

IFN: What experience would we have to wear with a suit or dress by Anthony Sánchez Haute Couture?
AS: Energy, strength, confidence, and security.

IFN: How do you use social networks and the media to market your products? What types of marketing strategies do you apply?

AS: No other than those that already exists in the market. Instagram, blog, web page, etc., Our strategy is. Work, work and work.

IFN: What is the main objective of the brand from the humanistic and then from the business?

AS: Transmit awareness for the sustainability and the environment in the textile sector. And at the business level, crossing borders.

Anthony Sanchez Haute Couture

IFN: What would be great advice for a young man who is just beginning in the world of haute couture or fashion in general?

AS: Creativity, passion, hope and a lot of constant work.


IFN: Is there anything else you would like to share with us

AS: Just to thank your magazine team for giving Anthony Sanchez Haute Couture the opportunity to tell the world that every day in fashion, we work with passion, enthusiasm and a lot of energy. The discipline is fundamental.

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