3.1 Phillip Lim Presents a Marie Kondo Inspired Collection

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Designer Phillip Lim has spent the last few months decluttering his home by being inspired by none other than the famous Marie Kondo. The Japanese tidying expert advises that anything that doesn’t “spark joy” should be let go and based on this Lim has made a no-nonsense collection for Fall’19.

“This season I wasn’t thinking about a theme. I really wanted to create a wardrobe instead and find sturdiness and reliability in a moment when the world too often feels chaotic.”

Lin has partnered with Woolmark Co. to use natural and recycled fibers for 60% of her collection. He has also stopped using exotic skins and fur from this season. “We’ve always been pretty sustainable, frugal and practical, but we decided to do it with more intention and purpose, It’s about doing small things to add up to an adjusted culture,” Lin said.

What came out as a result was a sturdy-chic line of pieces. The palette went back to the basic of black, blue, olive and white. Sturdy trench coats, wool capes, cocoon coats and sweaters, jackets and blouse tops made for the upper half of the collection. For the lower half, the collection had some wide options in the form of trousers, cargo pants, long and sweeping skirts.

Pictures Courtesy of:  Alessandro Lucioni / Gorunway.com/ Vogue.com


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