Adeam presents Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2023 NYFW

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Hanako Maeda is increasing the diversity of her Adeam collection. Hanako Maeda, who reached her ten years in business in 2022, is preparing for the following ten years by expanding her combination of current products to include a new unisex line that debuted at the event.

“I have 2 different shops in Tokyo, and I noticed that many of my customers came in with their male friends and partners, in addition to the fact that many men already wear my knitwear, which was the launching point. The collection’s inspiration came from my desire to create a collection that speaks to a variety of people and feels dynamic ” explained Maeda.

The event appeared to be coming to a conclusion when another model-turned-musician, Japanese rocker Miyavi, approached the stage to continue Dreyfus’ comical antics while he played an exciting guitar solo. He pointed to the Adeam ICHI gender-neutral line, borrowing a piece from the Grunge style manual. Lots of outerwear, including boxy anoraks, vests, and five-pocket styles, as well as classics like plaid shirts, giant cargo shorts, and faded knits were combined in a layered, mash-up look that would appeal to the wider audience Maeda is after.

There were also several dresses with exaggerated puff sleeves, ruffled train skirts, and layers of tulle baby dolls over longer skirts. Maeda’s autumn collection included fitted jackets with off-the-shoulder and belted designs, pleated skirts and light chiffon day dresses, and dresses with peek-a-boo shoulder bows. These excellent daytime outfits also comprised parts of evening dress.

Pictures Courtesy: Adeam

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