Zoë Kravitz Teases ‘Cool Dad’ Lenny Over His See-Through Shirts At Walk Of Fame Ceremony

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Zoë Kravitz Teases ‘Cool Dad’ Lenny: This week, Lenny Kravitz received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame—and his daughter wasted no time ribbing him.

On Tuesday, the musician received the 2,774th star at the Los Angeles attraction with the help of actor Zoë Kravitz.

The leading lady of “Batman” paid touching tribute to her father in a speech, but it was incomplete without her dropping a few subtle digs.

This guy, Lenny Kravitz, Being your daughter has been an incredible experience of my life, and I’ve had the luxury of knowing you for a long time,” Zoë Kravitz started.

She said that they had “grown up together” in many ways since you were a baby when she was born. When he and his then-wife Lisa Bonet had Zoë Kravitz in 1988, the “Fly Away” singer was barely 24 years old.

“We’ve experienced quite a bit. A much has passed. “I’ve witnessed a great deal,” she went on to say.

I’ve witnessed the most exquisite transformations in you. In the most crucial respects, I have witnessed your consistency. You’ve shown me how to be there for the people you care about. I’ve witnessed your extraordinary commitment to your craft,” she remarked, before playingfully adding, “However, mostly, I’ve noticed that you wear revealing tops.”

My dad says a shirt isn’t a shirt until it shows your nipples, she continued. Sure, picking me up from school was embarrassing when I was a kid, but now I actually appreciate it. Wow, you’re really good at it. Despite its brevity, the nettted shirt has been a reliable companion for you for quite some time.

“You two complement each other, and if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,” Zoë Kravitz continued, while her dad laughed next to her. It’s just stunning.

One of Lenny Kravitz’s trademark looks is a shirt that is either see-through or very exposing.

Put the jokes aside for a second; the “Kimi” actress went on to reveal the surprising source of Lenny Kravitz’s “cool dad” charisma.

“What makes you awesome is not necessarily what other people find awesome,” she remarked. Your genuine enthusiasm for life is what makes you cool, not your shades, leather leggings, or nettted shirt. You love deeply, and it shows in everything you do.


Zoë Kravtiz paid tribute to the musician’s late parents, Sy Kravitz and Roxie Roker, by saying: “I know Grandpa Sy and Grandma Roxie were already so proud of what you got to do and accomplish. I know that they are still watching in awe of the man and artist you have become.” Her parents were actors and TV producers. Trust me, I am. Your achievement is quite remarkable.

Channing Tatum, who is engaged to Zoë Kravitz, was also present at the event to pay tribute to the rock star. Denzel Washington, who is an actor, also made an appearance, offering jokes and sweet remarks.

The sensation of receiving a star was exaggerated by Lenny Kravitz in his acceptance speech.

Seeing the names of all his idols as he walked up and down Hollywood Boulevard was something he did often as a teenager, he recalled.

No one ever told me I would have a star in my sky. My normal goal was to find a spot to crash. However, I did fantasize about composing my own music and pursuing my own interests. It is a bizarre and unexplainable sensation to have my name, Lenny Kravitz, inscribed eternally on the very streets I once walked.

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