Will Friedle Shares Dark Reflection On Growing Up As A Child Actor

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Will Friedle investigates the difficulties encountered by numerous kid actors, illuminating the brutal truths they endure.

The “Pod Meets World” podcast has been running since 2022 and is presented by Rider Strong, Danielle Fishel, and Friedle himself. In a recent episode, Friedle and his co-hosts spoke with Leisha Hailey, who is famous for her part in “The L Word.”

Friedle highlighted the possible dangers of sitcom acting and early celebrity in response to Hailey’s question about adjusting to life after being famous from the legendary ABC show.

Throughout its run from 1993 to 2000, “Boy Meets World” chronicled the formative years of Friedle, Strong, and Fishel.

Looking back on everything that has happened since then, Friedle, who is now 47 years old, said, “It’s been a rough 23 years.” He pointed out that the sudden change from fame to obscurity makes it easy for young sitcom actors to give in to vices like drink and drugs.

Friedle explained how, for certain performers, the rush of playing in front of an actual crowd can be addicting. He saw that some people are able to handle the change more easily than others, even as the audience’s enthusiasm suddenly fades.

The attractiveness of the audience’s reaction was something Hailey had assumed was just a part of growing up, so she was surprised to hear Friedle’s take on the matter.

Friedle, unfazed, reemphasized the difficulty of escape the shadow of one’s early celebrity after the glare had gone. He speculated on the strange possibility of having one’s life defined by their early accomplishments, and he imagined an obituary in the future that would start with “Will Friedle from Boy Meets World” and then fade into a lion’s unexpected death.

Hailey agreed with Friedle that it is difficult to reconcile one’s identity once it is formed at an early age, regardless of whether one chooses to accept or reject it.

Friedle’s observations follow talks with Strong about their history with the contentious Nickelodeon dialogue coach Brian Peck, whose relationship with young actor Drake Bell has been brought to light in the documentary “Quiet On Set.”

A heartbreaking perspective on the dangers lying beneath Hollywood’s glitz and glamour is offered by Friedle, who openly addresses the hardships of childhood celebrity and the repercussions of abrupt popularity.

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