Tucker Carlson Pranked By YouTubers Claiming They Edited Kate Middleton Photo

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Tucker Carlson Pranked By YouTubers: Tucker Carlson, the former presenter of Fox News, appears to have fallen for a practical joke involving the contentious cropped Mother’s Day photo of Kate Middleton and her kids that went viral earlier this month.


Tucker Carlson Pranked By YouTubers

YouTube pranksters Josh Pieters and Archie Manners said that Manners had posed as a former Kensington Palace employee who had been sacked for failing to edit the family portrait in a video that was shared on X, formerly Twitter, on Thursday.

The two, who post a variety of famous hoaxes on their YouTube channel, Josh & Archie, tricked Carlson with a long-winded, made-up narrative that was mistakenly bolstered by forged documents, such as a fictitious job contract Pieters created for Manners.

Pieters had the audacious idea to include in the contract a clause stating that the royals reserved the right to “amputate one limb of their choosing” in the event that Manners failed his probationary period. Manners had stated that he wanted to see if Carlson’s team would genuinely investigate his claims.

Manners, assuming the role of a former digital content producer for the Prince and Princess of Wales, was summoned to a London studio by the Tucker Carlson Network to shoot the shocking interview because the absurd hoax proved to be so successful.

But Manners confessed to fabricating everything before Carlson and the network could air the interview, saying Deadline that he and Pieters didn’t want to disseminate false material on social media.

Manners stated, “We didn’t want to spread any more untrue rumors to a large number of people.” “We simply didn’t want to overshadow that in our video.”

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