Swifties Slam Lana Del Rey For Cozying Up To Swift Nemesis Kim Kardashian At Met Gala

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Taking pictures at the Met Gala with Taylor Swift’s longstanding rival Kim Kardashian caused a sensation at the event, as Lana Del Rey is well-known for both her music and her connection with Swift. A renewed focus on Swift and Kardashian’s dispute was sparked by the incident between Del Rey and Kardashian.

Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian’s animosity began in 2016 after Kardashian defended her ex-husband Kanye West (or Ye) following a reference to Swift in Ye’s song “Famous.” It appears that Swift gave her stamp of approval to the song’s lyrics in a video that Kardashian shared of a phone conversation between Swift and West. Swift, meanwhile, later came clean about her ignorance of the song’s explicit lyrics.

Because of this, Swift received a lot of criticism online and faced a backlash. Since then, Swift and Kardashian have been at odds, with Swift’s admirers believing that the song “thanK you aIMee” on her most recent album was a sly dig at Kardashian.

Fans were taken aback and intrigued by the surprising connection between Del Rey and Kardashian after their encounter at the Met Gala. Users have argued that Del Rey and Kardashian’s cordial interactions suggest a positive relationship, even though neither has commented publicly on the matter.

After West’s uncut phone conversation with Swift surfaced online, in which Swift says she feels uncomfortable being called a derogatory slur, Swift took to social media to address the matter. Angry with the illegal recording and editing of the conversation, she insisted that the call demonstrated she had been honest about the event.

Swift discussed the mental toll of the dispute in a subsequent interview, saying that the backlash caused her to suffer severe psychological distress and forced her to move to a different nation.

Swift, Kardashian, and Del Rey’s continuing conflict is drawing in fans and social media users, who are interested in the intricacies and effects of celebrity feuds.




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