Stephen Colbert Reconsiders Kate Middleton Jokes Following Cancer Diagnosis

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Stephen Colbert Reconsiders: Instead of apologizing outright, Stephen Colbert addressed his previous remarks that made fun of Kate Middleton’s relative obscurity in public life.

“I tell a lot of jokes about a lot of different subjects, mostly what everybody’s talking about.” Colbert admitted during Monday night’s show that his quips have been controversial. He was embarrassed by his comments on Kate Middleton’s sudden absence and other topics that he acknowledged had hurt people.

“While I made those jokes, it upset some people — even before her diagnosis was revealed — and I can understand that,” he said. I mean, I’ve offended folks with several of my jokes. Plus, I have no doubt that some of my future jokes will irritate certain folks. But one thing I do my best to keep to myself is this: I will not trivialize the suffering of another person.

Recognizing the gravity of Kate Middleton’s diagnosis and the difficulties it presents for her and her family, Colbert conveyed sympathy for their plight. “Now, I don’t know whether her prognosis is a tragic one … but regardless of what it is, I know — and I’m sure many of you, far too many of us know — that any cancer diagnosis of any kind is harrowing for the patient and for their family,” said the doctor.

He ended his part by sending his best wishes and expressing his deepest hopes for her full and speedy recovery, stressing that someone with this condition deserves our understanding and compassion.

“Internet sleuths” have speculated about Kate’s disappearance and its possible causes, including marital strife between Prince William and Kate, according to Colbert’s March 13 “The Late Show” segment. The royal family had previously stated that Kate would not be available to the public until after Easter as she recovered from stomach surgery.

In a recent video, Kate Middleton broke the news of her cancer diagnosis. She appeared shocked by the news and spoke about her treatment plan, which included preventive chemotherapy. She spoke of her determination to be well and her attempts to comfort her kids about her illness, even though she was facing many obstacles.

Kate began preventative chemotherapy in late February, according to a Kensington Palace spokesman, although the spokeswoman would not go into detail about the treatment since Kate values her medical privacy.

Given the gravity of Kate Middleton’s prognosis, Colbert’s recognition and well-wishes highlight the value of empathy and support in trying circumstances.

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