Stephen Colbert Mocks Lara Trump for Achieving the Unexpected

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Stephen Colbert Mocks Lara Trump for Achieving: Recently, Stephen Colbert criticized Lara Trump’s selection as co-chair of the Republican National Committee, drawing attention to her apparent unsuitability for the position. While making light of former president Trump’s daughter-in-law, the “Late Show” host zeroed in on her qualifications to head a prominent political group.

“God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called,” RNC member Beth Bloch said, implying that qualifications aren’t always necessary for leadership. Colbert brought this up in response to Bloch’s comments.

In jest, Colbert brought up Lara Trump’s lack of conventional credentials, saying that although she may not have the usual background for the job, she did accomplish something remarkable: she married Eric Trump. This caustic comment shows how skeptical Colbert is of Lara Trump’s abilities in her new position at the RNC.

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