Sinead O’Connor’s Daughter Delivers Stirring Rendition of Her Mother’s Iconic Song

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Sinead O’Connor’s Daughter Delivers: During a recent performance in New York, a moving tribute to the great Sinéad O’Connor was showcased. Sinéad’s daughter, Roisin Waters, sang a moving version of her mother’s famous song, “Nothing Compares 2 U.”

Even though she isn’t a trained singer, Waters commanded the stage in a modest floral outfit at Carnegie Hall and moved the crowd to tears. She led the audience in a moving rendition of her mother’s classic 1990 song, inviting them to join in.

Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls was there, and she posted a compliment on Waters’ performance to Instagram. Both the performers and the audience were enthralled by the moving tribute that was taking place, Palmer said, adding to the emotionally charged environment.

With the title “Sinéad & Shane at Carnegie Hall,” the tribute event paid homage to both O’Connor and Shane MacGowan, lead vocalist of the Pogues, who had died away in November. The evening’s homage drew from a lineup that included renowned performers including Glen Hansard, David Gray, and the Dropkick Murphys.

John Waters is an Irish journalist, and his daughter, Waters, lives a low-key existence in Dublin as a pastry chef. Her choice to pay tribute to her mother during her performance touched many listeners and demonstrated how far-reaching O’Connor’s music has been.


Even more noteworthy is the fact that “Nothing Compares 2 U” originated with Prince’s side project, The Family; it was O’Connor’s rendition that brought the song to a national audience. Its legendary music video helped propel it to the top of the Billboard charts in April 1990, further cementing the song’s position in music history.

Musicians and fans alike were devastated by the loss of an iconic figure when O’Connor passed away suddenly in July 2023. Her daughter’s touching homage is just one example of how her legacy continues to inspire and uplift via the universal language of music.

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