Will Hollywood’s Relative Silence On Gaza Continue At The Oscars?

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Silence On Gaza Continue:  Protesters interrupted the 25th annual Film Independent Spirit Awards on February 25 by projecting taped shouts over a megaphone, calling for “free Palestine” and “cease-fire now.” This unanticipated disruption happened at the celebration honoring indie filmmakers that took place in a tent on the beach in Santa Monica, California.

During their acceptance remarks, a number of prize recipients acknowledged the demonstrators. While accepting the John Cassavetes Award for “Fremont,” director Babak Jalali praised the onlookers, saying that he thought their opinions mattered more than his own commentary. In a similar vein, while winning the Robert Altman Award for her film “Showing Up,” director Kelly Reichardt considered the bigger picture, thinking back on Robert Altman’s dissatisfaction with the Iraq War.


Silence On Gaza Continue


Amidst the film awards season’s general tendency of quiet addressing the Gaza situation, several cases stood out. Considering the possible consequences that people in the entertainment sector may suffer if they publicly support Palestine or call for a ceasefire, this reluctance is understandable.

In contrast to years past, when celebrities publicly championed causes on prominent platforms, there has been surprisingly less noise this year. For example, at multiple award shows only two years ago, a slew of celebrities voiced their support for Ukraine. Celebrities in Hollywood are prepared to use their platforms for some causes while avoiding others in order to maintain industry favor, revealing the selective nature of political dissent.

As a number of award-winners deal with conflict and moral quandaries, the unwillingness to openly discuss the Gaza situation stands out. Some movies take advantage of these links—like “The Zone of Interest,” which makes direct reference to Gaza—while others choose to ignore important world topics.

During his moving statement at the BAFTA Awards, James Wilson, producer of “The Zone of Interest,” drew connections between the film’s storyline and the ongoing crises in Gaza and Yemen. If the picture takes home the prize for International Feature picture, maybe people will think again, and the current lack of noise will give rise to some profound contemplation.

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