Shakira Opens Up About Marriage and Motherhood Challenges

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Shakira Opens Up About Marriage: Famous Colombian singer Shakira recently opened out about her feelings on marriage in an interview with Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe. The 47-year-old “Hips Don’t Lie” singer spoke up about how her marriage hasn’t been the best fit, particularly when it comes to her thriving music career.

Shakira and soccer player Gerard Piqué confirmed their split in 2022 after an 11-year romance. The couple decided to split up amicably; they had two sons together, Milan, 11, and Sasha, 9.

Speaking about her feelings of relief since the breakup, Shakira said, “In a way, it’s kind of good not to have a husband because that…”Man, I have no idea why it was bringing me down. She opened up about how, after her divorce, her creative juices flowed again, and she had an overwhelming desire to compose music and write songs again.

After her breakup from Piqué, Shakira moved to the United States from Spain and opened up about the difficulties of being a single mom. She admitted, “It’s more challenging because now I’m in charge of these two kids, these two babies that depend on me so much.” Plus, my husband isn’t there to lend a hand because I’m a single parent.

Shakira highlighted the continual balancing act that is required of her twin positions as a pop singer and a single mother, acknowledging the taxing nature of both. She spoke at length about the difficulties in an interview with Billboard, drawing attention to the fact that she has a hard time juggling her profession with her duties as a mother.

“Sometimes I think being a single mom and the rhythm of being a pop star aren’t compatible,” said Shakira. “When you don’t have a husband who can stay home with the kids, it’s constant juggling because I like to be a present mom, and I need to be there every moment with my children.”

Shakira is unwavering in her dedication to her family and profession, even in the face of these obstacles. Surrounded by private revelations, she also shared the news that her upcoming 12th studio album, “Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran” (Women Don’t Cry Anymore), will be released shortly, marking another significant milestone in her remarkable musical career.

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